Adventures everywhere

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Haha life is so funny and some people too.. Friday was exciting day overall, group of hot chicks and few cowboys went to the coast and the idea of celebrating my birthday. I didn't know anything and they say now it's Indian theme and lets slice it my shirt and put some few feathers on my head. I liked it!

It was so beautiful down there! i was happy. I also invited my crush down there and the feeling in my stomach was awesome! But i'm so question mark to whole thing! or i say this way, i don't know what he is thinking about me! what to do? hey all of you love ambassadors, help me! oh i'm so pathetic!
But anyways it was best time! I can consider to publish pictures of the evening. We were so wild!

Morning was also great we eat breakfast at the pier and cut the super yummy cheesecake. Perfect!

I have one awesome story to tell you, but now i'm too tired to tell it.



Image and video hosting by TinyPic Oh i have lots of stuff in my mind. Questions to which i can't find answers to, projects i should start and finished them, dreams i need to plan and think the time when i would implement them and shit i just want to delete out of my mind but i just can't.

Oh i just love dynamo strobo lights and new roads what i found and just want to walk again and again.

Feeling right now is..
i want to disappear



Lotus flower

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Hey! I think i have lost my brain totally!  i don't know what is happened. i just get this shit over me, that's cruel! My May day was full of carnation cigarettes, black crisps, lots of blood from my nose and confused presence which is maybe probably due to the fact that I had not eaten anything. and I just drank a lot. That's why my ribs are showing and my boobs are gone..