Mind filled with sweet nothings

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Holaa! One and only picture. Stupid. But it's so good album and cost 1e only. I'm happy

I really am. There's one guy who gives me what i been waiting for. Sweet sounds and touches.


I only wish that i could learn to speak. Communicate with people. What people want to hear and what not.


Burn burn burn

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Last week has gone and i can take huge gasp. Lot of happened nice and sad things. I met a boy and saw Burning Hearts live in library. Shhh
Nothing else.
Feeling emptiness. Good fruit juice and oven melted cheese breads could fill my emptiness a little bit.

I took a video of my kaleidoscope, feel my heavy breath.


times when don't feel like

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hi there! First of all, i look like a duck. duck duck duck. new glasses.

I feel so sad. I've been thinking, do i make myself sad? Or am i just pushing good things away. Or bad things just comes to me.


I think i have to be quiet and alone. No harm to anybody.
But i don't want to be quiet and alone!!  But when i open my mouth, i sound just like a duck..

I want to do something. I have to get cigarette smell out of my room..
What's wrong with me?