Close your eyes and tell me what you see

Movies make me happy, i mean happy movies or sad movies. Today i was at the movies and the best feeling is when you go out at the movies after the movie. You just think and dream and smile.
I can't watch scary movies or trilles. I don't know what is the point of them, after you have watched you just feel horrible.

but definately the best feeling is the happy feeling, i hate that its despearing feeling and you come back to the surface.

(this was the worst english ever)


Camel safaries

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Yep still dirty room and i realized something again.. when i paint, i look at it and then i bite my fingernails badly. I don't know why i'm doing that, maybe i'm nervous that it will get ruined or something.
Now i'm greatful that i still have fingernails because i think my painting is ruined. Damn skin colour...
The human looks like manatee.


Watching world upside down

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Ooh aah it's Friday and weekend coming.. i'm just going to listen crazy beats and lie on my dirty floor and think i must vacuum this but really don't going to that.. and and ouh i'm also going to paint, that is my medicine.


Don't leave me this way

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I just published this because of that song, it's so motherfucking amazing!

Listening zodiac shit

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via google

super hot! god damn it! I was watching movie called Tracey and BOW this guy popped into the screen, with him cuul shoes and cigarette behind him ear. Love at first look.

i'm sick and bed is my lover at the moment. it's fun you can do almost anything in bed, watching movies, read, draw, eat, listen music...


Follow the heartlines on your hand

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I get yesterday a new blanket and oh boy it's most wonderful thing in the world! i slept so well and today i didn't think anything else but that blanket and sleeping.. maybe i go sleep soon.

and i'm feeling lonely again..
what's wrong with me.


Face on the ground

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I was today photographing in ruissalo with my dad. It was great! fresh air, hot chocolate and photographing.
That doll head is so spooky, i just say to my dad when i saw it, STOP THE CAR I MUST TAKE A PICTURE!


I sometimes forget to breath

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I think i'm okay.. i'm trying to be, i realized that worrying about things and peolpe it's just waste of time, but why anything nice and happy don't happen to me?

I mean love

I must say that last night was pretty great, i sneak out and went to dancing. And oh boy i danced so much, almost two hours non stop. i couldn't breath, but still keep going..